Solidarity Home is completely free and can help your income grow with the help of your followers.

No work added for your staff

No cost to the Entity or to those who want to help

Configured in just 2 minutes

Extra monthly income

Simply communicate it to your partners and followers from time to time (RRSS, mailings, newsletter)

Useful, safe and discreet

How is it possible?


Very simple, on each page we create from an NGO / Entity, we include a small ad that is not annoying for users, but that generates benefits for the Entity. Also, thanks to Google Safe Search, you protect children from unwanted results.

It does not add extra work to the Entity because it works alone, it is a totally realizable effort by your followers and we have made it discreet so that it can be used in the workplace. Where else you watch the internet with your computer.

Is it possible that I am not interested?


Of course, if your Entity is incompatible with any type of advertising.

The advertising that Google inserts in the spaces that we prepare for it on each home page, is the absolute responsibility of the person using the device.

The ads are never linked to the Entity and so we make it clear before the page is established as the home page and in the Terms and conditions of each website.

Ads are linked to searches that have been made from the computer. Therefore, if someone is looking for trips for vacations, the most likely is that they will appear ads for travel agencies, hotels, cruises…

You want to know more?

Write us and we will tell you how to make it possible

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