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Average impact of a € 1 donation for society*


Loyalty, recurrence


Average monthly CTR

Monthly visits

Insert a banner ad that appears on the Solidarity Home pages

You can segregate the characteristics of your target audience to display the banner according to your interests

Loyalty-Recurrence: we create an experience and reference point; Use this anchor and plan the visualization of your products.

We can create a personalized homepage for your company. Communicate with your workers and help your favorite NGO

You can install on the computers of your company the Home page of Solidarity of your related NGO

We can create a personalized homepage for your customers. It generates a new, solidary way of communicating with them.

Increase your CSR and get tax advantages. CSR increases and improves the competitiveness of companies.

It generates visibility, recognition, notoriety, information, advantages, suppor…

… And most importantly, be a solidarity company through the Free Funding

If you are a company, we explain how you can generate visibility and be supportive at the same time.

It is very simple and effective

Why decide on SOLIDARITY HOME?

Very simple, because you can choose how and with whom you want to be supportive and at the same time generate more visibility for your brand, positioning your banner on the personalized home pages, segmenting, marketing one to one, where and who you want to see you.

With an RPM verified by Adsense and highly beneficial.

The options to be supportive are many more, from customizing a home page of your own, a Company browser and impacting the solidarity part with a related Entity, to creating a home page with your image for customers and thereby creating a communication tool which is displayed daily, which also generates a positive positioning. Help by helping.

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